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The first duty of Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft Masons is to study the materials presented at the conclusion of the Degree ceremony. Candidates are advised to begin this study immediately.

Before a candidate can receive his next Degree, he must return his written answers to certain questions, and must also pass a spoken examination pertaining to specific aspects of the ceremonies. Lodge Officers are available to help with this, but it is the responsibility of each candidate to study independently. Contact the Master or Candidate’s Coach for more information.

It is also expected that the Candidate will take an active role in the activities of the Lodge. This includes supporting fellow candidates by attending Degrees which he has already received, and attending our Stated Meetings and other special events. Consult our calendar for upcoming events.

Did you know?

Candidates must advance to Master Mason within three years of initiation, or be subject to forfeiture of fees paid, and denied further advancement. If this may apply to you, please contact the Master.

Beyond the Third Degree

Master Masons may serve as Lodge Officers and may also take the degrees of other Masonic bodies, including the Scottish Rite, York Rite, and the Shrine.